Stories from clients ...

I signed up for Kellie's Mom & Me Fit classes thinking I was pretty happy with my overall nutrition and exercise routine. And I was. But now I'm happier! Kellie's classes are informative, challenging and baby wearing friendly! Her support and encouragement to be healthy have made me realize that being active every day (even if it is just for 10 minutes) really makes a huge difference to my overall well being. So, not only are the classes great, but the at home workouts she has created are also perfect for time strapped moms. The nutrition challenges have also been key for me. They have motivated me to cook healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals and snacks that I can easily pack with me and they have also motivated me to make healthy choices when I'm out and about. Because of Kellie's support I truly feel that I actually do have my time to take care of myself.  Self care is now different than it was before I was a mom but being a part of her class has helped me figure out how to do it in a new way and, most importantly, in a way that makes me and my family happy. - A.L.P.

After attending Mom & Me Fit only a few times, I told my husband how much I enjoy your class. I have done many, many ‘fitness’ classes over the years (yoga, ballet, barre, spin, HIIT bootcamp, etc) and your class will always stand out from the rest in my mind. You are the first person/instructor to actually put in effort to get to know us and actually care about our health and well-being. This class is so much more than just getting our heart rate up. You totally get what it’s like to be in this fragile and scary post-partum time in our lives and yet you have managed to create a warm, supportive environment just for us! Never mind the fact my butt gets kicked every week - and I love it!
Another thing I love is being able to have my daughter with me…though at moments class is a bit chaotic, I absolutely love it. I think to myself ‘THIS is why I wanted to become a mom’.
So thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. I am so glad to have met YOU! - J.S.

Fit Your Life has been so good for my family. We started doing the Postpartum workouts when I was a few months post-op. Kellie gave me awesome modifications to work with, and I was able to eventually work up to the regular exercises. Now my daughter is two years old, and she loves coming to the workouts with me and our new baby! Kellie makes the class so welcoming for any fitness level, and I love the energy she brings to each and every class.I can't wait to start the evening ladies' boot camp this season! - A.D.

I met Kellie through a few mutual friends, and started following her blog and page on Facebook. Once I had my second baby, who was very colicky and needed to be carried all the time, I began looking for classes that I could take that were mom, and baby-carrier friendly. My first class with Kellie was an outdoor mommy-and-me bootcamp, where Kellie provided modifications for me with my Little in the carrier. I immediately signed up for her next session, where I brought my toddler and my baby, and got a great workout, awesome community with the other moms, and support for making tiny healthy changes at home. Kellie brings a realness, warmth and positivity to her classes that I haven't experienced with any other postnatal programs, and I can honestly say she has become so much more than a fitness instructor to me and my girls! - C.A.

After taking both the prenatal and the mom and me classes with Kellie, I have never felt so empowered to look after my health and fitness. As a physiotherapist with a background in Kinesiology I understand the importance of staying active and eating well. When I became pregnant I was flooded with questions of how do I care for myself and baby, and what to expect post birth. The prenatal class was amazing and helped me answer all of my questions and concerns. I was having ligament pain throughout my pregnancy and Kellie helped me successfully complete all exercises during her classes by modifying the exercises so I could perform them pain free. The class and the challenges throughout helped me stay strong and active, and connected me to other women going through the same thing. The prenatal class really helped me feel confident and ready to have my baby.
After taking the prenatal class I knew I wanted to take the mom and me class. I joined the class when my daughter was about three months old and have completed two sessions and I am about to start my third. We both love the class! The love and support you feel in Kellie's classes are one of the reasons I keep signing up. Kellie is honestly one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and she can really whip you into shape! I would recommend both of these classes to anyone looking to feel strong and confident! - L.R.

The workouts are excellent and I always look forward to going to class each week! The workouts are varied and the options for times can work with my schedule in case I cannot make one day. Kellie, I hope you do these classes for many years to come as you are giving great strength and confidence to many women who have the privilege to meet and work with you. I just had a friend tell me yesterday that she went to this great class and her legs were so sore after. She said it was a fantastic workout and you were awesome! She had no idea I've been doing your classes for almost a year now! I'm glad she has found your wonderful workouts! - C.E.

I had a one-on-one session with Kellie from Fit your Life during my current (first) pregnancy. Jamie also attended. I had been active throughout my pregnancy thus far but was feeling I really needed some direction from a professional who I could trust. I received exactly that. Kellie was extremely thorough in teaching and explaining five 'pillars' of fitness during pregnancy - the what, why, how, and beyond. She had an answer to every question and I felt comfortable asking anything that came to mind. She was extremely detailed in showing me the belly breathing technique and I've felt confident doing it on my own ever since. After the education portion of our session, we completed a short fully body workout that really helped me see the level of intensity and style of exercises I should be doing. She was so encouraging and positive, while teaching proper form at the same time. I left with a wealth of new knowledge and a confidence in my prenatal fitness that I hadn't yet experienced. All in all, I would recommend a consultation with Fit your Life to ANY pregnant woman as there's simply so much to learn from Kellie and Jamie's comprehensive information while enjoying their positive attitudes. – J.R.