5 Healthy Tips for the Holidays!!

During one of my last boot camps of 2010 I asked each of my participants to come up with a plan to keep up with their hard work over the holidays. We do not want to ruin your hard-earned results during Christmas, however, this does not mean that you cannot still enjoy some holiday favorites! Here are some tips and tricks to stay fit and not feel any food-guilt over the holidays:

5) Bring a side dish of your own! Offer to your host that you bring a side dish to accompany their meal. Not only are you helping them out with less to cook, but you are offering your family and friends a delicious and nutritious recipe!

4) Use a smaller plate. Sometimes, we do not have choice of what will be served, and we do not have a way to bring our own healthy recipe. By choosing to use a smaller plate, you will eat less and still enjoy all of the delicious food provided for you!

3) Sample, do not indulge. Around the holidays, we are surrounded by cookies, cakes, and all types of delicious treats. So, instead of indulging and regretting those excess calories later on, sample what you would like your taste buds to try! Eating you treat-sample slowly will allow you to fully enjoy its flavors!  

2) Wait 10-15 minutes before going up for seconds. Enjoy conversation with family and friends while you allow your first serving digest. If, after this time, there are still a few items you would like to try, or have some more, then go ahead. This way your tummy will feel more full and prevent you from becoming stuffed with extra calories!

1) Bring your workout with you! There is never an excuse for not working out over the holidays. With a variety of workouts and exercises to do with little or no equipment, an intense 20-minute workout should never be forgotten! OR even better, grab your family and friends for some outdoor activities: skating, walking, and making snowmen are all great ways to have fun and burn some calories! 

* Keep an eye out for my next post - a quick, intense, no equipment workout that will have you sweating!

I hope these tips help you keep up with your fitness goals and being a healthy role model for all those around you! Please post your tips and tricks below!!

Merry Christmas!!


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