Sunshine Workout!

It is gorgeous outside, so I figured why not create a minimal-equipment workout that you are able to have fun with in your yard or in a park? Enjoy the fresh air and the vitamin D :)


10 + minutes of walking briskly, jogging/running, biking or anything else that raises your heart rate and gets your body warmed up


For the main part of this workout, you will be completing strength exercises with cardio bursts in between sets - circuit style! 

1) 15 reps - biceps curl to shoulder press (dumbbells required)

 - start with weights by hips, with straight elbows. Bend elbows to bring weights to shoulders. Flip palms outwards and push weights above head to touch gently. Return in same motion. 

30 seconds mountain climbers

2) 15 reps - weighted squats (dumbbells or barbell required)

 - Rest weight on shoulders or hold down beside body - which ever feels best for you. Squat by bending knees and hips while pushing bum behind you. Your knees should never cross over toes when you look down.

30 seconds high knees

3) 15 reps - push-ups

 - Love them - from knees or toes!

30 seconds plank jacks

4) 20 reps - jump lunges (10/leg)

- Be cautious that your knee does not cross over the toe as you bend both legs down on the lunge. 

30 seconds skipping (with or without rope)

5) 15 reps - bent over row (dumbbell/barbell/tubing required)

 - Bend from hips to about 45∘ . Slight bend in the knees to protect the low back. Draw shoulder blades together while bending the elbows slightly by pulling the weights of tubing upward towards chest.

30 seconds burpies


1) Side plank with hip drop (15 second hold & 15 drops/side)

 - resting on forearm and side of feet in a straight side plank. For hip drops - keep body tight while dropping hip toward floor, then lift. 

2) Supine 90° knee - leg drop (10 reps)

 - on back and knees bent in the air. Drop heels towards floor to work lower abs.

3) Supine 90° knee - upper body crunch (10 reps)

 - same position as #2. Keep legs in the air while crunching upper abs.

4) 1-arm dumbbell sit-up (7 reps/side)

 - supine on floor with legs either straight or bent with feet on floor. One arm is holding dumbbell, the other is bent and fingers touching ear. Dumbbell arm is straight in the air and pushes up while completing a full sit-up. Switch sides after reps are complete.

repeat & enjoy the sweat


  1. I love this blog so much!
    It is so well written and when I follow it, I get results almost immediately - although I may not look different immediately I always feel much much better!

    Thank you - I will definitely be following future posts.


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