Hello!! It has been WAY too long since I have posted ... June was a busy month with completing my Certified Exercise Physiologist testing (waiting for results!!) and "working" full time in my final nursing clinical placement! All of this has left me ignoring my blog for a month. I am fixing this by updating today and making up for lost time!

Here we go ...

First things first! Just because I have not been blogging, does not mean I have not been keeping active! This summer has been great for me to try new workouts from two of my favorite fitness sites!


These ladies are amazing in what they do and the way they inspire! I love their workouts for the intensity and variety! Check them out!

The past few weeks, I have also kept busy with my NEW bike!! I am very excited! Keith decided as an early graduation gift, we would pick out a mountain bike for me! I have tried to ride every other day while we are in the city and it has been great!

How has everyone else stayed active so far this summer?!