Today's Workout - No Excuse!

It is a snowy day here in Edmonton! Something that we have not had a lot of this year. It is the type of day that if you can, stay inside. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home. Although you might be staying at home, that does not mean your workout should be postponed. Today, I revisited our Snow Day workout - from Edmonton's first snowfall this year!

** If you do not have a BOSU at home, stand on one leg for the first set and the other leg for the other set - to challenge your balance and core. If you do not have dumbbells at home, find heavy cans of soup, beans, etc, paint cans, or any other object that is easy to grip and adds resistance to the exercises. **

Snow Day Workout
50 seconds work/10 seconds rest x 6 exercises x 2 sets

1) Weighted Squats

     - holding dumbbells or barbell keep core engaged to bend knees and hips into a squat. Assure to keep knees over the ankles. Lower to 90 degree bend at knees, then return to standing. Repeat.

2) Arnie Press on BOSU

     - Holding one dumbbell in each hand, elbows bent. Lift arms to elbows meeting in front of your face and dumbbells touching. 'Open' arms, keeping 90 degree bend at elbows. Press dumbbells to meet above head. Lower in reverse order. Repeat. Stand on BOSU or other stability device. 

3) Push-Up - Squat - Press-Up

     - Start in push-up position with one dumbbell in each hand. Perform one push-up. Jump feet up to hands. Up to standing position. Perform one shoulder press (press dumbbells above head by straightening shoulders and elbows). Return arms to sides. Return to the floor by squatting, placing hands, with dumbbells, on the floor and jump feet back. Repeat. 

4) Triceps Dips

     - Using edge of couch, chair, or tables place heel of hand on surface and extend legs out. Bend elbows to lower bum toward floor. Straighten elbows to return. Repeat. 

5) Weighted Sit-Ups

     - Start on floor with knees bent to 90 degrees. Hold one dumbbell with both hands above head. Using core, perform full sit up. Return slowly to floor. Repeat.

6) Burpies!

     - Perform as many burpies as possible in the 50 second interval!