Deck of Cards Workout!

Good morning!

I cannot believe it has been almost two whole months since I have posted! Crazy! Just crazy! With Spring & Summer quickly approaching we have been keeping ourselves busy, getting outside, and trying some new things!

Keith & I have started running again - some on the trails around our house and some in the beautiful river valley! We have pulled our mountain bikes out of storage and are getting very excited for some good rides in the sunshine!

We continue to workout in our basement with high intensity workouts! Here is a new-to-us workout that we LOVE! 

Take a deck of cards and shuffle! Depending on how much time you have, keep the whole deck, or only use half.

Make an exercise for each "suit" ... Our favorite combination is

Hearts = Push-Ups

Spades = Squats

Diamonds = Squats

Clubs = Burpies

Whatever number is on the card, complete that number of reps (Two = 2, Jack = 11, Ace = 14, etc)

One day we did half a deck, however ended up doing 84 burpies!!! Keith accused me of not shuffling ...

It is a great little workout when you are feeling unmotivated, as whatever card you draw, you MUST complete the exercise with the number of reps given :)



  1. 84 burpees! You are nuts. I did 41 burpees this morning in 3 x 50s intervals. I'll let you know if I do more in 30 days when the bodyrock challenge is over!


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