Thursday, October 10 Lunchtime Boot Camp

What a beautiful river valley we have!! This Thursday I was lucky enough to teach a lunchtime boot camp and an after work boot camp with the scenic views! During the lunchtime session we focused on legs!

Thursday Legs

30 seconds of each exercise with sprints in between
- jumping jacks
- speed skaters
- shadow skipping
- jump lunges

Heat Up Those Legs!
- 3-way squat series - full/upper half/lower half - 20 reps of each
- reverse lunge to high knee - 15 reps each leg
- tummy tucks - 30 reps (high plank position and bring knee to elbow, alternating for 30)

1 minute water break

Tone the Glutes!
- slalom squats - 15 reps/leg
- bench steps - 15 reps/leg
- alternating push-ups and plank - 7 count down to 1

1 minute water break

repeat Heat Up Those Legs!

1 minute water break

repeat Tone the Glutes!