Baby & Me Bootcamp #3

It was HOT last week, but these ladies and their babes powered through a sweaty workout! It was a full body, no equipment workout that focussed on muscle endurance, as each set was one minute long. Participants could take little breaks throughout the minute, if required, and were encouraged to join back in as quickly as hey could!

The Workout

walk/jog around playground x1


1 minute jump sumo squats
1 minute wide push-ups
1 minute backwards lunge (30 seconds per leg)
1 minute army crawl
1 minute single leg bridge (30 seconds per leg)
1 minute speed skaters
1 minute side plank leg lift (30 seconds per side)
30 seconds narrow triceps push-ups
30 seconds v-sit hold

repeat x 3 sets

10 double leg drops
10 reverse crunches
10 crunches
10 slow bicycles
10 v-sit crunches
10 russian twists
30 second plank