Baby & Me Bootcamp #5

Another beautiful week last week for bootcamp outdoors and only three sessions left for the summer. Through the heat and sunshine, we focussed on legs, both strength and endurance. Here it is...
Leg Burner

Walk/jog around park
Hills #1- lunge up hill with stroller
- jog down and up (leave stroller at top)
- jog down and bear crawl up

Squat Series(30 seconds each)
- low squat
- high squat
- full squat
30 second break and repeat

Leg Circuit(60 seconds each)
- single leg squats (30s/side)
- reverse lunge with knee raise (30s/side)
- low squat side step (with band)
- calf raises (with stroller)
60 second break and repeat

Walk/jog around park
Hills #2- run up/down x3 (leave stroller at bottom)
- lunge up with stroller
- mid-hill squats with stroller x15

Core10 double leg drops
10 reverse
10 crunches
10 full sit ups
10 bicycles
10 russian twists
10 v-sits
60 second plank