Arm Blast

This 25 minute workout is meant to leave your arms feeling amazing!! that Jell-O sort of way :)

Pregnant Mamas - please be extra careful with all the push-ups! Make sure you're engaging your core and on an incline. Alternatively, you can substitute other arm exercises with weights (shoulder press, biceps curls, incline chest press, etc). If you have diastasis recti, or think you do, please modify the push-ups with alternate exercises!!! xox
Here we go....

Exercise Descriptions

Butt Kicks
Standing. Lift heels of the floor to find the balls of your feet. Begin to jog your feet while trying to kick your butt with your heels. Low impact version is to walk this out while moving as quickly as possible, shifting your weight side to side.

High plank (from hands) and jump forward into a low squat. Hands back on the floor and jump back. 
Stepping back and forth is a low impact variation!

Wide Push-Ups
Have hands wider than shoulders and begin from toes or knees. Lower entire body in one line to your limit and return to starting position in one straight line. Be cautious of your core and how it is supporting your low back. 
Low impact version is on an incline or from the wall.

3 Push -Ups and Plank Tuck
Complete three full narrow push-ups (from toes or knees) then hop feet forward and back. Like a tuck jump, but front plank position. Continue with three push-ups. Repeat until time is up!
Low impact version is stepping feet back and forth from hands and can also be performed on an incline.

Squat with Cross Crunch
Give those wrists a break by standing with feet hip width apart and hands together. Squat nice and low to reach elbows to your knees. Keep the weight in your heels as you lower your glutes behind you. As you stand up, bring right knee up towards left elbow, balancing on right foot. Repeat squat and then bring left knee to right elbow. Continue to alternate watch repetition.

Mountain Climbers
Begin in high plank position. Bring one knee at a time towards chest and replace the foot beside the other before the opposite knee comes forward. Hips should remain low and core engaged. No jumping of the hips. 
Low impact version is on an incline and bringing the knees to the outside of your body, rather than straight towards your chest.

Back Lunge to Hop
Begin with feet together. Step right foot back into a reverse lunge deep enough that both knees bend to 90 degrees and the front knee does not cross over the front toes. Press through left foot while engaging low core to bring right knee up and through to a hop! Repeat for 30 seconds on this side before switching to left reverse lunge.
Low impact version is a step through to calf raise.

Jump Squat
Feet start hip width apart and lower into a deep squat. Using your arms, core, and legs, power through to a jump! Land as softly as you can, as if there is a baby sleeping in in the level beneath you! Repeat!
Low impact version is raising through to a calf raise!

Burpie with Plank Shuffle
Complete at full Burpie, but at the bottom when in plank, walk hands and feet to the right and then back to centre before jumping or stepping back up. On the next one, walk tot the left, then back to centre. Continue to alternate until time is up!!
Low impact version - this can be done on an incline.

Speed Skaters
Shifting weight by lunging side to side while using upper body to propel your weight. Keeping back toe off of floor focusses more on balance.Low impact version is walking side to side, but still as quickly as possible and/or touching back toe down if needed. 

Finish off with a few minutes of full body stretching!