Making memories

We do what we love and we love what we do.

Finding our passion through inspiring others to move their bodies in ways that feels amazing to them is what we strive for in and outside of our classes. The three of us (Erin, Jamie, and Kellie) all grew up being active and movement has always been a part of our lives. We realize this is not always the case for those attending our classes. Our goal is to make fitness fun! Smiles. Laughter. High fives. Games. New moves. That is how we find what movement speaks to us and what inspires us to keep our bodies moving.

Today, we held a free Family Fit workout in Magrath Heights Park (southwest Edmonton) and oh my gosh was it fun!!!! Everyone was invited. Some mamas came by themselves for some kid-free time, others brought their husbands and children, some brought a friend. We had new moms, expecting moms, and weekend warrior moms. It was amazing!! The energy that was created from families moving their bodies, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, and having fun together was unforgettable. Over 40 adults and more than 30 “littles” came out for this 45 minute workout!! Yes, there was chaos, but let’s be real, sometimes that is when the best memories are made.

After class, most of us headed over to the playground to reward the bigger littles for not running away during the class. We had multiple park-goers inquire about the class and they seemed excited to learn more about Fit Your Life!! That speaks volumes to everyone in our class today! YOUR energy is inspiring others! YOUR commitment to being a healthy role model for your children is motivating to those around you.

Let our children be our reason, not our excuse. Allow our ever-changing motherly bodies to move in ways that feel good. Do this for you!! You are completely and totally worth it.

Thank you for the memories of today!!!