@Term Initiative

Connect your mind and body to breath and movement in the final weeks of your pregnancy while also connecting with other moms! This amazing community of women will encourage, inspire, and motivate you as you eagerly await the day you meet your baby for the first time!

We are extremely excited to announce our brand new @Term Initiative!

At Fit Your Life, we are passionate about safely and effectively encouraging women to exercise throughout their pregnancy. Labour requires physical and psychological strength and stamina. Training for this incredible event in your life will increase your confidence in being prepared in body and mind. 

On the foundation of this passion, we have created the @Term Initiative! All women 37 weeks and greater, until the day their baby arrives, is eligible to attend FYL classes at no cost! 

The small print:
  • After 37 weeks gestation (must be 37+0 according to early ultrasound dates), you can attend classes, up to a maximum of two per week, until you deliver. 
  • You are welcome to use the passes for any classes - Prenatal Fit, Mom & Me Fit, and Family Fit
  • Email kellie.fityourlife@gmail.com once you are ready to use the passes - they can be booked up to a week in advance