100 Rep Workout

In celebration of reaching 1000 "views" on Fit Your Life blog, I am posting an intense 100 Rep Workout! (Because 1000 reps would just be mean!) We will be doing 10 reps of 10 dynamic exercises to give you an intense workout to start your week!


Complete 10 reps of each exercise consecutively with only a short break in between exercises. After you have completed all 10 exercises - take a 90 second break, then repeat the 100 reps! 

Make sure to stretch after the workout!

1) Jump Squats

 2) Mountain Climbers - 10/leg

3) Jumping Lunges (scissor jumps) - 10/leg

4) Plyometric Push-Ups (clap push-ups)

Perform from knees or toes

5) Bicycle Crunches - 10/side

6) Jack Squats (jumping jack with squat)

Add a wide-legged squat at "B"

7) Raised Legs Triceps Dip

Feet can be raised onto a chair, coffee table, ball, or whatever else you have!

8) Reverse Crunches (bent knee leg drops - laying on back)

9) Reverse Push-Up

This is a home-made reverse pushup bar - using a broom and 2 chairs! Be creative!

10) Burpees - with push-up!

Add a pushup at "B"

Enjoy!! When you have completed this sweaty workout - please post your time below! I will post our time when Keith and I are done! 
Happy Monday!


  1. Hey Kellie, I tried your workout. It was GREAT! I did it in 11:38 but I'm sure if I counted the mountain climbers right. Its a nice at home workout and I have been doing a step class at the gym so I hope I can keep up the motivation so my bathing suit looks good in Panama :) Your blog rocks!


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