Fabulous Friday Workout!

Happy Friday!! I am so sorry for the lack of posts in February, I was going to try to post a bunch during reading week... I guess the week off got to me and flew by quicker than expected!

I have an awesome workout for you to kick start your weekend! This workout should take approximately 20 minutes and will kick your butt by keeping your heart rate elevated! Have fun!

Fabulous Friday Workout!

Warm Up - 5 minutes
Do something that will keep your heart rate elevated for five minutes! Skipping (with or without rope), jogging/running, stair running, jumping jacks, etc. You should be short of breath and feel like your body has warmed up by the end.

Feel the Burn Interval Work - 4 minutes
Set an interval timer for 8 rounds of 50 seconds (work interval) and 10 seconds (rest interval)

1) Mountain Climbers

2) Burpies with Push-Up

3) Reverse Lunge with High Knee (right leg only)

4) V-Sit Crunch

Full Body Circuit - Strong to the Core

1) 20 Jack Squats

2) 15 Plank Jacks

3) 20 Surfers*

4) 10 Dive Bombers**

5) 20 Full Sit-Up

6) 12 T-Push-Ups***

Repeat Feel the Burn Interval Workout - 4 minutes
- Remember to switch to LEFT leg only for lunges !!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Exercise Descriptions

* Surfer - begin with your tummy on the floor, legs extended behind and hands under your shoulders. Press up through your hands and jump your feet to your hands. Your feet will land on an angle to how you were laying, right foot forward (like your on a surf board). Stay low. Then reach your arms in the air and jump. Land and proceed to starting position. With your next rep, left leg will be forward. Continue alternating sides, for 10 reps on each side.

** Dive Bombers - start in a high plank/push-up position. As you press up through your arms, attempt to rub your nose on your mat (burns the arms and the core!). Press yourself up to a "downward dog" position - inverted V shape with hips high. Return to high plank/push-up position in the reverse way - still trying to get your nose to brush the floor. Follow through all the way to a "upward dog" position Repeat until all reps complete.

***T-Push-Ups - Start in push-up position. Perform one push-up. Remove right hand from the floor as you transition into a high left side plank. Extra challenge - lift right leg for 2-point side plank. Return to push-up position. Complete one push-up. High side plank on right side. Make sure to keep left hand straight and high above left shoulder. Continue to repeat with push-up in between side planks.