Something is better than nothing

This weather is terrible! I do not like complaining about winter too much, as there are many things about it that I do love. I love cute sweaters, boots, long coats, warm drinks, skiing, and watching the sunrise sparkle over the glowing snow. That being said I can still enjoy all of these things at -5!!

Now that I have those thoughts out of my system... Let's get moving! 

This cold weather can make most of us feel like hibernating and curling up on the couch. Even though you might know that exercise is great, you feel as though you do not have enough energy to do it. Just remember, every little bit counts. Always think about moving just a little more than yesterday. Think about eating a little healthier than yesterday. With these positive and motivating thoughts in the back of your mind each and everyday, you will start to transform your life (and yourself!) to be healthier and more energized!

By exercising a little each day, you are able to workout for shorter periods of time, and you are continuously burning more calories!! Here is an example of a week's schedule to build shorter workouts into almost everyday!

Monday - one of my 20-30 minute high intensity cardio & strength workouts

Tuesday - cardio for 10-60 minutes (depending on your schedule). Great examples are skipping, stair climbing, jogging, cycling, etc. 

Wednesday - 20-30 minute high intensity cardio & strength workout

Thursday - active date! My favorite! Find someone to join you to try something new - wall climbing, basketball, tennis, yoga, a new fitness class, the list goes on!!

Friday -  20-30 minute high intensity cardio & strength workout

Saturday & Sunday - fun activity that gets you moving and enjoying quality time with friends and/or family!

How will you FIT Your Life this week?