Some food for thought this Monday morning ...

My thoughts are generally more positive and upbeat than what you are about to read. However, these questions have been racing through my mind lately and I wanted to share them. I do not believe there are definite answers to my questions, just some things to think about.

The word addiction usually brings with it thoughts of people who are out of control, and those who desire something so badly, even if it is harming their body. "Addiction" can be used to describe both psychological and physical needs, or at least what our body and/or mind think we need.

What about addictions that are potentially beneficial to our body? You hear of people who say they are "addicted" to running, or hot yoga. These people who wake up early every morning to workout, stretch, exercise, and get their blood flowing and body moving. Are they addicted? How about those who cannot leave the house without bringing a bottle of water with them, because the very thought of having to go hours (or less) without hydration is frightening.

Are these, so-called, beneficial habits better for society than those that are harmful to one's body? What if these positive "habits" start interfering with relationships and one's daily lifestyle? When do addictions go from being something we are proud of, something describing the way we want to be defined as a person, to something that we are ashamed of and make us want to hide from the world?