Spring is in the Air!

FINALLY!!! Spring is here and it is time to prepare for the summer that is approaching! Along with that comes cute outfits and bikinis! Here is an awesome workout to add to your current routine, or to mix up your workout! The best part is, this workout is great for indoors AND outdoors! Grab your mat and a few pieces of equipment to get some fresh air at the same time :)


16 Standing Cross Crunch [opposite knee to opposite elbow while marching]
16 Squat with Cross Crunch [same as above, but squat, then stand up for elbow-to-knee]
8 Superman Push-Ups [4 on each side]
16 Standing Side Crunches [8/side - stretch arm into air and foot to floor, crunch side of body for elbow and outside of leg to touch]
16 Plank Jacks [in push-up position - jumping feet together and apart. Engage core.]
16 Tummy Tucks [high plank position. Draw one knee up alongside the body, turn head towards knee. Return knee to starting, switch sides]

Part 1 - Pyramid Style!

10 Push-Ups [from toes]
20 Tricep Dips [off low chair, table, bench]
30 Squats with leg abductions [15/leg]
40 seconds Mountain Climbers
50 Bicycle Crunches
40 seconds Mountain Climbers
30 Squats with leg abductions [15/leg]
20 Tricep Dips [off low chair, table, bench]
10 Push-Ups [from toes]

Part 2 - Raise your Heart Rate!

20 Jumping Jacks
15 Chest Press on Ball [with 3, 5, 8lbs dumbbells]
20 Plank Jacks
15 Hamstring Curls, on Ball [body on floor, with heels on the ball]
20 Mountain Climbers
15 Low Squat Pulses
20 Surfers [10/side - start flat on tummy. Jump up to low squat - angled one way. Jump! Return to starting, switch to angle toward other side. Repeat until all complete]
15 Push-Ups [challenge - feet elevated on the ball]

Repeat Part 2




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