Spring into Fit - Full Body Blast

Hello followers! This weather has been beautiful! It seems everyone has a touch of Spring fever, including myself! Keith and I have started running again and it feels great. Here is an intense and quick full body workout sure to get you sweating and exciting for a Spring wardrobe ....

Set your interval timer to 50 seconds/10 seconds and 12 rounds

1) Shoulder Press

using a barbell or dumbbells start with elbows at 90 degrees and weights towards the sky. Press weights above head and keep your spine neutral and abs engaged. Lower to weight to shoulder height and repeat.

2) Jump Squats

Position feet hip width apart. Lower into a squat by keeping knees above the ankles and bum behind you. Push up and through into a jump. Land softly on the ground. Repeat. Challenge - keep your hands on your head (prisoner style)

3) Mountain Climber Sprints

One of my faves!! Push-up position. Keep your arms and abs strong and "sprint" your legs back and forth. Engage your core to draw your knee towards your chest. Repeat.

4) Clapping Push-Ups

From knee or toe push-up position. Complete a full push-up and at the top push a little extra to lift your upper body off the ground to "clap" your hands together. Land softly. Repeat. 

5) Jump Lunges

Start in standing position with feet together. Jump one foot forward and one foot back. Lunge so both knees are approximately 90 degrees. Jump to reverse foot position. Keep core engaged. Repeat. Challenge - keep hands on hips. 

6) Bicycles

Hit the ground! Engage core to bring opposite elbow to opposite knee in a laying crunch position. Repeat.

7) Triceps Dips

Using a table, chair, or whatever. Place hands on the edge, elbows straight, bum close to edge and legs extended. Bend elbows to lower bum towards floor, until they reach 90 degrees. Press back up to straight elbows. Keep core engaged. Repeat. 

8) Pendulum Lunge - Right Leg

Start with feet together. Lunge right leg backwards into 90 degree bend. Without touching the floor in the middle, bring right leg forward into a front lunge and 90 degree angle. Repeat.

9) Pendulum Lunge - Left Leg

Same as right. 

10) Legs-Up Crunch-Up

Hit the ground again! Bring legs up to 90 degree angle off floor (cross at ankles if more comfortable). Hands to the ears (not pulling on neck) and draw ribs towards your hips bones to crunch up. Maintaing core engagement. Release to ground and repeat.

11) Low Ab Burner

Stay on the ground. Relax upper body and lift legs straight into the air. If more comfortable, place hands under bum for increased low back support. Push small of back into the floor (so no space between spine and floor). Lower legs as far as possible without lifting your back off the floor. Slowly return to starting position. Repeat. 

12) Burpies!

How could we not end with these?! Start standing. Jump down into a squat and place hands on floor. Jump feet out to a push-up position. Jump back to squat. Jump to standing. Repeat. Challenge - add a quick push-up while on the floor

I completed this workout this afternoon and loved the quick burn! As an added bonus, I decided to practice my handstands after ... Sorry, no pictures to post on that :) Keith and I are going to enjoy a jog and this beautiful sunshine this evening. I hope you have a fabulous day!

My good friend Logan and I after a beautiful trail run last week! 

Share your workouts with someone fun!