Lunchtime Boot Camp - Friday, May 17

Happy Long Weekend!

I have started "hosting" a 30 minutes lunchtime boot camp for co-workers once a week. My plan is to post the work out in the days following boot camp so that people who enjoyed the session can have it to use again on their own time, or for those who missed, they can try it at home!

Unfortunately, the first session we were supposed to have needed to be rescheduled due to a meeting. The changed time did not work for many, as it was Friday of a long weekend (completely understandable to take this day off!), however, two lovely friends joined me in the river valley for a fun little workout! It was a beautiful and sunny day ...but next time I think I will bring bug spray! 

Full Body on Friday

Warm-Up - Stairs 

- combination of jogging up/down and hopping two at a time 

Arms vs Legs - Tabata Style (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x8 sets)

- Push-Ups (from toes or knees)

- Bench Steps (alternating legs)

- alternate between push-ups and bench steps until 4 sets of each are complete

Cardio Circuit

- 5 Burpies

- 20 Walking Lunges

- 15 Plank Jacks (low plank from toes, then "jack" feet out and back)

- 15 Triceps Dips

- 30 Mountain Climbers


Arms vs Legs II - Tabata Style (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x8 sets)

- Army Crawl (start in low plank position from toes or knees, push up to high plank, then lower back to low plank. Keep core engaged and try to keep hips level while moving "up-up-down-down)

- Prisoner Squats (start in a wide standing position, with feet slightly out-turned. Hands on head, bend knees to lower into squat. Keep core tight and shoulders over hips)

- alternate between army crawl and prisoner squats until 4 sets of each are complete

Repeat Cardio Circuit