Thursday, June 13 Lunchtime Boot Camp

Happy Friday!! We had lunchtime boot camp Thursday this week, as there was a documentary viewing and discussion at the office Tuesday and Wednesday. If you get the chance to watch "Hungry for Change", please do; I hear it is available on Netflix. This documentary took a look at the food industry, depicting how the human diet has changed over time. 

Our workout yesterday incorporated the whole body you go!


- standing elbow to knee twists x20 reps

- squats x20 reps

- jumping jacks x20 reps


- push-up with rotation to side plank x10 reps (total)

- incline push-ups x10 reps

- triceps dips x10 reps


- jump alternating lunges x10 reps

- squats with knee raise x10 reps

- back lunge with front kick x10 reps per leg

Repeat arms

Repeat legs

Core series (refer to previous week!)