Wednesday, June 5 Lunchtime Boot Camp!

Happy Wednesday! The weekend is nearly here and we had another successful boot camp today! It was beautiful outside, and after we moved down to the grass (from the concrete) there were hardly any complaints!

Here is what we did this week...

Warm-up (30 seconds each)
1) jumping jacks

2) skipping in place
- repeat

10-minute full body (1 min/set)
1) around-the-world lunges (front, back, side lunge - 30 seconds one leg, then switch)
2) scuba diver (standing, walk hands out to high plank, roll into upward dog, push through to downward dog, and walk hands back to feet. Repeat)
3) 1-legged bench squats (stand in front of bench, lift one leg, "sit"/squat" to lower bum to bench, keeping one leg lifted for 30 seconds continue to sit and stand. Switch legs and repeat second side)
4) dolphin plank push-ups (start in low plank, from forearms and toes, lift hips and push shoulders and chest back towards thighs into dolphin pose, lower hips back down straight. Repeat)
5) surfers
(start on ground with hands under chest, push-up to knees or toes, "hop" feet to ground one leg in front of other as though you are on a surf board. Back to ground and repeat other side)- repeat

Tabata (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 8 sets)
1) burpies 
2) triceps dips
- today we did 4 sets of burpies followed by 4 sets of triceps dips

Core (10 reps each)
- double leg drop (on back with straight legs, keep low back arch flat on ground as legs lower and return)
- reverse crunches (bend knees, keep low back arch flat, lower feet to ground and return)
- crunches (feet on ground, hands on head, crunch lower ribs to hip bones, lower)
- bicycles (lift feet off ground, rotate to bring opposite elbow to knee, fluid motion)
- scissors (on back, one leg straight hovering above ground, other leg straight in air, switch legs)
- v-sits 
(sit with knees bent and hands beside hips, lean back, lift feet off ground bring knees and chest together, then apart)
- russian twists (seated, feet on ground, lean back, hands together and twist side to side with breath)
- plank (low plank for 30 seconds, from toes or knees, core tight)