How to Stay Fit During Cold Winter Months

With the cold winter months approaching, the thought of staying active and keeping fit can be daunting. The good news is that just because we live in a country that has beautifully snowy winters, it does not mean that our health journey needs to suffer. Why wait until January first for a New Year’s resolution? Start today with these winter active tips!

1)   Try something new. A new fitness class at the nearest gym to learn new exercises in a warm environment, an outdoor boot camp that will have your heart racing no matter what the temperature, or try one of the many clubs or groups our city has to offer through all seasons.
2)   Find a workout buddy. Making ourselves accountable to someone else is great motivation if that is what you are lacking. When we encourage others to commit to a class or to a new workout schedule everyone benefits and it makes taking a night off a little more challenging! Someone with a similar schedule, or who lives in close proximity is usually an effective option.
3)   Join an activity in which the whole family can participate! By getting your spouse and children involved, not only are you helping your family to stay healthy this winter, but you are setting a great example for your children to stay active through their lives.
4)   Buy new gear! New workout purchases are always a great motivator. If you are trying something new, such as running outside during the winter for the first year, buy a new pair of jogging pants that you love.
5)   Set up a home gym. If leaving the house in minus 20°C is not for you, it may be easier and more affordable than you think to set up your home fitness space. All you need to get started is an exercise mat, resistance tubing, a few dumbbells, and an exercise ball. You can slowly grow your gym, as you like.
6)   Try healthy new recipes. Healthy eating does not have to mean time consuming. By choosing healthy recipes for the week over the weekend, you are able to plan and complete your grocery shopping to have all the necessary supplies for delicious and nutritious meals on hand.
7)   Stay healthy this winter! Missing work, workouts, and other events during “cold and flu season” can put a damper on your life. By taking daily supplements, such as Oil of Oregano and Echinacea, and making sure to eat plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables, you can keep your immune system ready to fight. Washing your hands and using alcohol-based sanitizers frequently will also decrease your chance of getting sick.
8)   Take your workout anywhere. Holidays and vacations are not an excuse for taking a break from your exercise routine! Find a great “go anywhere” workout online, or from a Certified Personal Trainer, that requires minimal or no equipment to keep you fit wherever you are.
9)   Keep up with your water intake. Even though you might not be as thirsty during the winter as in the summer months, staying hydrated is just as important. A great formula to show you how much water you should be taking in is: drink half of your body weight (1 lbs = 1 oz) of water EVERYDAY! Do you?
10)                 Write it down. Make your workout a priority, just as you add meetings and appointments to your day timer, do the same with your exercise. If we commit to an allotted time, we are more likely to complete the routine successfully.

Now it is time to decide what will work for you, as not one trick or routine is successful for everyone. You must find what keeps you active, and what you can do to fit your life!