Total Body Workout - No Equipment Required!

It is COLD outside!! Here is a fantastic full-body workout that will keep you warm. The best part is that you can do this in the comfort of your own home - no equipment necessary!!


20 jumping jacks

50 body-weight squats

Circuit #1 - Full Body Strength (20 seconds per exercise)

1) Split squat jumps 

  • Position yourself in a low lunge, right foot forward. Power up through both legs, and switch their position mid-air. Land with left leg forward. Repeat.

2) Close-grip push-ups

  • Position hands at least shoulder width apart, slightly narrower is better. Perform full push-ups from toes. Repeat. 

3) Prisoner sumo squats

  • Position legs double hip width, or more, with feet slightly out-turned. Place both hands on top of your head. bend knees to squat until knees are at 90 °. Rise and repeat.

4) Mountain climber

  • Position body in a high plank or push-up position, with hands under shoulders and legs extended, toes on ground. Keeping pelvis as neutral as possible (bum down!), bend one knee at a time to bring toes to ground beneath chest, quickly touch. Continue to "jog" legs back and forth. 

5) Off-set push-up

  • Position body in high plank or push-up position, stretching one hand out further, and keeping one slightly closer to body (offset). Perform first set with right hand forward and second set with left hand forward. Lower body, as normal push-up. Repeat.

1 minute break, repeat

Circuit #2 - Crazy 8's

1) 60 Squat jacks

  • Combine jumping jack and squat! Start with hands straight above head and feet together. Jump into a squat while dropping hands to sides. Give yourself a high-five as you return to straight position. Repeat until all reps complete. 

2) 20 Spiderman push-ups

  • Start in high plank or push-up position. As you bend your elbows to lower body towards ground, bend one knee up toward elbow (only 3 points touching ground). Return leg as you straighten elbows. Repeat until 10 reps on each leg complete. 

3) 20 Squat with cross-crunch

  • Start standing, with legs hip width apart, hands in front of chest. Perform squat. On the return to standing, bring right knee up to left elbow for the cross-body-crunch. Perform squat and cross-crunch with leg and right knee. Repeat until 10 reps complete on each leg. 

4) 15 Full sit-ups

  • Start on ground, knees bent to 90° and feet on floor. Curl spine up to a straight back and return to ground slowly and with control. Repeat. 

5) 45 second Low-squat hold

  • Start standing with feet hip width apart. Bend knees to approximately 90°. Hold. 

6) 45 second Plank hold

  • Position body as straight as possible on ground from fore-arms and toes. Tighten core. Hold.

7) 10 Burpies

  • Start standing. Bend knees and hips to plant hands on ground. Jump legs back into a high-plank or push-up position. Hop legs back to squat. Jump to standing position. Repeat. 

8) 60 High knees

  • Start standing. As quickly as possible, lift one knee up to chest at a time. Trick - stay on the tips of your toes. Repeat. 

1 minute break, repeat

Circuit #3 - Core

10 reps of each. Keep core engaged at all times. 

1) Supine Leg Drop
  • Start with back on floor, legs straight up into air. Keep neutral spine, lower legs as much as possible without lifting low back off floor. Slowly return legs to starting position. Repeat. 

2) Bent Knee Reverse Crunch
  • Same motion as leg drop, but knees are now bent to 90°. Only hinge at hips (knees locked) to bring heels of feet toward ground *just* to touch, then return to starting position. Repeat. 

3) Upper Abs Crunch
  • Feet on ground, with knees bent. Hands start on either side of head (not behind head to avoid pulling neck). Lift upper body to peel shoulder blades off floor. Return slowly. Repeat.

4) Dead Bug (10/side)
  • All four limbs start in the air. Hold right arm and left leg while releasing left arm and right leg slowly toward ground - stretching away from each other. Return to starting position. Lower right arm and left leg. Repeat. 

5) Slow Bicycles (10/side)
  • On back - touch hands to each side of your head (not pulling behind neck), and bend knees. Twist to look over your right side while you touch left elbow to right knee at the same time as you extend left leg. Switch sides fluently. Repeat. 

6) V-Sit Crunch
  • Sitting up, place hands on either side of hips. Lift legs up, bent to 90° and find balance on tail bone. Straighten legs and slightly lower upper body backwards. Crunch body back to start. Repeat. 

7) Side Plank (10 seconds/side)
  • Facing right side, balance on right forearm (elbow under shoulder) and stacked feet. Push hips into the air. Hold 10 seconds. Without break, switch to left side. Hold. 

8) Front Plank (10 seconds)
  • Without break from left side plank, balance on both forearms and toes. Hold. 

Enjoy and stay warm!!!