Hot Body Tabata Workout

This 16 minute heart-pumping workout will have you sweating and feeling those Christmas cookies melt away from your body!

Tabata workouts are based on 20 seconds of hard work, with 10 seconds of rest for 8 sets of one exercise - 4 minutes per exercise. We are going to do 4 exercises consecutively, so it will only take 16 minutes and keep your heart rate elevated the whole time! You will get the cardio benefits of a 3-4 km jog while strengthening and toning your entire body. Let's GO!!

If you have an interval timer (most sports watches do) set it for 2 intervals: 20 seconds and 10 seconds and 32 rounds. 

1) One-Legged Mountain Climbers

targets arms, shoulders, upper back, entire core, quads, hamstrings, and glutes

- set up in a high plank/push-up position from toes

- bend one knee up and briefly touch toe on ground under chest, then kick it right back to start

- perform as quickly as possible while maintaining good form

- continue ALL reps on one leg for four sets (2 minutes per leg)

- switch legs

Repeat this mantra throughout: "Tight core and strong shoulders"

2) Push-Ups

targets chest, arms, shoulders, upper back, and core

- perform as many as you can in the 20 seconds

- come back onto your knees and rest your arms and wrists during your 10 second break

- repeat for the 8 rounds

Repeat this mantra throughout: "Yes, I CAN"

3) Forward and Backward Pendulum Lunges

targets quads, hamstrings, calves, and core

- start with feet together

- step back into a backwards lunge - both knees should be bent to 90〫

- on the same leg - step all the way through to a forward lunge (try to not touch toes in center)

- complete 4 sets (2 minutes) on one leg before switching to other leg

- switch and repeat other leg for 4 sets (2 minutes)

Repeat this mantra throughout: "My bum is going to be beautiful!"

4) Isometric Oblique Hold

targets obliques

- start on ground, on one side - rest head on lower arm and make sure body is in straight line

- lift top hand to hip, with elbow in the air

- keeping your head on the ground/arm, lift top leg then bottom leg to meet it

- hold legs straight from body, with core engaged, feeling your top oblique contract and strengthen

- complete 4 sets (2 minutes) on side

- roll onto other side and complete remaining 2 minutes (4 sets)

Repeat this mantra throughout: "Keep belly button pulled in toward spine - tight core"

Remember - only the 10 second rests allowed, no extra time when switching exercises. Have water bottle ready for a quick sip. 

Enjoy this calorie burning, heart pounding workout anywhere your holidays may take you!

Merry Christmas!!