Christmas Cookie Core Workout

Christmas is a time that we are surrounded by delicious treats, but this year YOU are going to prevent a Santa belly from forming. My previous posts have given you multiple ways to help make healthier choices and this workout will help to burn the calories from those samples you had off Mom or Grandma's Christmas platter :)

The core consists of the rectus abdominis (6-pack), obliques (twisting and side-bending muscles on sides of mid-section), transverse abdominis (deep core stabilizers), and low back muscles. This workout is going to target all four core muscle groups while increasing heart rate to burn calories!

This workout is quick and intense, so you can add it to the end of a cardio workout, or do it on its own when you are short on time. Let's GO!

5 Station Fit-Tummy Circuit
Perform the maximum amount of reps in 50 seconds, then 10 second break before moving on to next exercise. Have a pen and paper handy to record how many reps you did for each exercise. Perform one set of all exercises before repeating circuit. Push yourself to beat your last score, with each set! Complete circuit 3 times - if performed correctly (50 seconds work, 10 seconds break for 15 sets), this workout should take you 15 minutes and leave you sweaty!

Prisoner Squats

- feet stance hip width apart with hands on head

- keep core engaged as you bend your hips, then knees to bring your thighs parallel with the ground

Mountain Climbers

- high plank/push-up position from toes

- keep core engaged and bum low while you bend one knee at a time to touch toes on ground under chest
- return to start, then other leg. This should be as fast as you are able with good form!
Army Crawl- start in low plank position (forearms under shoulders and hands together) from toes

- push up one hand at a time to high plank position, then lower back to start

- alternate "push-off" hand with each repetition


- start in standing position - crouch down and place hands in front of you on ground
- jump legs back to a plank position

- hop them back to hands

- jump to standing and repeat

Plank Jacks

- from a high plank/push-up position with feet touching, start "jacking" legs apart and back together

- should resemble a standing jumping jack (with stationary arms holding you stable)

- keep core engaged and bum flat with body (neutral spine)


- on your back with knees bent and hands touching head, elbows out to the side

- crunch one elbow to opposite bent knee as you straighten the other leg

- switch to other side - legs straighten and bend as if you were pedaling a bicycle

All exercises should be performed as quickly as possible while maintaining good form. Draw belly button into spine to keep core engaged at all times. Enjoy!!

Merry Christmas!