Thirty days. 

Over the past thirty days I have attended a yoga class, everyday. This mini-journey has been beautiful, challenging, and rewarding. I have enjoyed much reflection and meditation upon the things which I am grateful for in my lovely life. Sharing these with my blog followers at the end of my challenge seemed fitting ...

Breath. This one little word, for which it's meaning we take for granted everyday. When we focus on this one thing, we can be still, open, and mindful. Keith. My wonderful husband, partner in crime, and best friend. Without him, I do not know where I would be. I love you. Family. My parents, siblings, grand-parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended family, you are are all so very lovely and I am grateful for each of you. Friends. I know that everyone thinks they have the best friends in the world. Well, sorry followers. You are wrong. I have the very best of the best. From those whom I have known for too many years to those I met most recently. You make me want to be a better person. Body. I am grateful for the ability to move my body and to watch it transform as I challenge it to new extremes. Mind. The ability to challenge my mind through work and continuous learning, I am thankful. Also, to still my mind through breath and beautiful postures. Water. To refresh and re-energize my body and mind throughout the day, my workouts, and the night. Patience and Forgiveness. For these gifts towards myself and others. To challenge ourselves and each other to strive for new limits, while enjoying the bumps along the road. By taking inhaling deep, then exhaling it all away, we learn to accept ourselves and others for our humanly ways and to grow in this acceptance. Sweat. I love to sweat. I am grateful for these beads dripping down my face and legs as I hold my postures and breathe through the shaking. Sweat invigorates the skin and gives our bodies a healthy glow. Wine. It is true. I enjoy a glass of wine to celebrate. Red, white, or bubbly I am not picky as long as it is shared with good company, or a good book. Coffee. Another delicious drink I enjoy after waking up, after a beautiful yoga practice, and as I begin my shift. Black please! My mat. I purchased my yoga mat after trying one beautiful yoga class in 2008. I walked down the street to Lululemon and made a life changing investment. On this mat I have cried, laughed, been still, bent, twisted, and moved, fallen, and most importantly, I have returned to the posture. I am grateful for what my mat has taught me and allowed me to express on and off of it. My God. Without Him, I would be nothing. I am forever grateful for the love He shows me, and has given me to show others. 

It amazes me how one thirty-day challenge, which was intended to push my physical body to new limits, has shaped my emotional and spiritual bodies more than I imagined. Take some time to reflect on the things and people for which you are grateful.