Yoga Journal - Entry #1

Today  was the first day of my 30-day yoga challenge. I could not have been more excited to begin this month long journey by going to one of my favorite yoga instructor's classes! I started my day with a 75 minute Hatha Flow class, led by Cole.

My lesson of the day: if I focus on my breath, my mind will relax, and I can deepen my postures.

Although I am still on "days off", I find myself busy throughout the day with to do lists and errands. During my Hatha practice this morning, I did my best to focus all my attention on my breath and let all my other thoughts pass. It was glorious. I feel refreshed and ready to conquer my day, the week, and this month. Bring on the breathing.



  1. I love this! Maybe we can go to a class together before I move (I have 7 passes to use up by next Friday). I went to hot flow with Maia last night.

    If I focus on my breath... I might not fall on my face during a balancing pose! Not as beautiful as your quote but it works for me!


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