30 Minute Tabata on Tuesday

It stayed nice and warm inside while the sun set and the temperatures dropped during our Tuesday Tabata class this week! Everyone worked hard, and although I heard a few complaints, I think they enjoyed themselves!

30 Minute Tabata on Tuesday
set your timer for 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest x 4 rounds per set of exercises

Warm Up
- burpies
- jump squats

Upper Body 1
- push-ups
- triceps dips

Lower Body 1
- low lunge pulses (alternate legs each round)
- side plank with leg lift (alternate legs each round)

Upper Body 2
- army crawl
- crab toe touches

Low Body 2
- supine glute bridges (on back with knees bent and feet on floor. lift glutes into bridge. slowly lower to ground, uncurling spine. lift back up slowly. repeat.)
- squats

- 3-point plank (low plank from forearms and either one knee or one foot on ground supporting lower body. alternate knee/foot each round)
- full sit-ups