Thursday Strength Workout - The Perfect 10

Today for the Get Fit for United series, I am leading the Full Body Strength workout. I have decided to bring back The Perfect 10 Workout from August, with a few tweaks, as this group bring their own hand weights / dumbbells. 

Here is the link to the original Perfect 10

...and the full workout, with the tweaks for today!

The Perfect 10
Warm Up
20 jumping jacks
5 burpies

The 10
60 seconds of each x 3 rounds
Reverse Lunges - holding weight(s) on sides of the body or up near chest
Dumbbell Rows - bent over slightly from hips and squeezing shoulder blades together to row elbows upwards 
Side Lunges with Biceps Curl - as you return to standing from side lunge bend elbows to do a biceps curl (30s/side)
Push Ups
Mountain Climbers
Squat Press - squat low and as you stand, press weights up and over your head to a light touch
Triceps Extensions - weight overhead, bending and straightening the elbows, using the backs of the arms
Squat Jumps