Mom & Me Fit and Prenatal Fit | Edmonton | Winter Session

Mom and Me Fit and Prenatal Fit classes

[early] Winter Session starting November, 2015!!
prenatal and postnatal fitness in Edmonton

Kellie, the owner of Fit Your Life, is a Registered Nurse with experience in Labour and Delivery, as well as a Certified Exercise Physiologist. She is a Pre- and Postnatal Fitness Specialist and loves making fitness work for your life! 

Mom & Me Fit is a class tailored for new moms learning how to integrate exercise into their new life and routine with a little one. This is class ensures a safe and effective workout for the postpartum body and teaches tips on how to get your pre-baby body back (or better)! 
Clearance from Health Care Provider required prior to engaging in postpartum exercise. 

Prenatal Fit offers a class to expecting women, of any gestation and fitness level! This class will focus on individual needs as the body changes throughout the pregnancy. This class will help strengthen muscles to ensure a more comfortable pregnancy experience and train muscles that will assist in labour. 
Clearance from Healthcare Provider is required prior to engaging in prenatal exercise. 

It is never too early to be a healthy role model for your children! 

Space is limited!!

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