Shifting your fitness routine through baby's phases

We have the best of intentions when it comes to signing up for a new class or buying a new workout DVD. "Baby is finally in a routine and I will get my workout done at this time every day!" Awesome! Then, nap time shifts or baby will not sleep unless he/she is in your arms or needs to eat every 20 minutes. It happens! Each phase of baby's development will cause you to shift your routine and how your day goes. We are so fortunate to live in a country where we have the amazing opportunity to stay at home for the first year of baby's life and witness first hand all of these developments!

So, how do I stick with my fitness routine while keeping my sanity and baby happy? Shift. Adjust. and enjoy! Even if you have the most routine baby, they have off days and you will be forced to mix things up!

Remember, it is just a phase!

Prior to being a Mom, I liked to mix up my fitness routine by going for a few runs each week, along with a yoga class or two, some at home workouts, and possibly another type of fitness class with a friend. I knew this would change when working with a little one's schedule, however, I was so happy that I was already into the habit of moving my body most days of the week! With exercise already being a part of my daily routine, it was fairly easy for me to incorporate little bursts of fitness back into my new life. 

As soon as I was cleared by the physician to begin exercise postpartum, I started with some gently at-home workouts and focussed mainly on upper and lower body. Since I had a caesarean birth, I waited a few extra weeks prior to re-introducing cardio and core. By 8-weeks postpartum, I was jogging two or three mornings per week and doing 15-20 minute workouts first thing after feeding Brooke in the morning. Since morning workouts have always been my favourite, it worked out really well for us to sleep, wake, feed, cuddle, then sweat! Saturday mornings became family run morning, which was our longer run, and then my husband got to push the stroller! 

From the beginning, Brooke enjoyed watching me workout and I would set up the vibrating chair so she could see what was going on. When she grew out of that phase, she was happy to play with her toys while I got my morning routine in. When she became more mobile (which wasn't until she was close to a year), my workouts definitely shifted and became a little more broken. Work with it! It's not always smooth, but find something that works for you. Some days this means I wake up 20 minutes earlier than the time I anticipate her waking. Yes, it is difficult to get out of bed, but let me tell you how amazing it feels to have worked out AND had your first sip of coffee before your Little even wakes for the day. Try it. Life changing! We also incorporated more jogging and walking into our days, as Brooke still loves the stroller. She enjoys looking at everything we pass by and the fresh air, and I love getting out as much as possible before it snows! 

My main piece of advice for you is to find something (or a few things) that work for you and your new routine. 
Yes, these things will change, but if you stay focused on moving your body nearly everyday of the week, you will begin to see the results you are looking for, as well as fitness become a part of your daily life. 

Some days, you will not feel like doing anything and keeping your child alive will be enough of a task in itself. Other days, you will run, jump, push, and then some. 

Enjoy downtime and take advantage of the days you have extra energy. 

Work with your body, not against it. 

Love yourself. 

Finding a child-friendly fitness class that works for you is also a fantastic way to stay active throughout the year and meet other women in similar stages of life to you! 
If we find something we love, we will stick with it and therefore be successful! I wish you the best of luck on this wonderful new journey and finding routine in your ever-changing daily life.