The Perfect 10 + Core

The Perfect 10 + Core Full Body Workout!

I love this workout. I have tweaked it a few times and the other versions can be found here, here, and here. However, maybe now I have made it's final tweaking!! This workout is fantastic because it can be modified when you only have a short amount of time, but want to sneak in a quick workout or when you have more time, you can add a warm-up and complete two sets!!

If you have time... Warm-up!!
20 jumping jacks | 5 burpies | 30 jumping jacks | 10 burpies

Exercise descriptions

Perfect 10
1) reverse lunges |  From a standing position, step one foot behind you. Bend through both knees to achieve ninety degree angles (or close to) in each. Press through front heel to bring back leg to starting position. Repeat other side. Option to hold weights on sides of the body.
2) dumbbell row |From a standing position and feet hip distance apart, bend over slightly from hips. Hold one dumbbell (or other weight) in each hand and squeeze shoulder blades together to row elbows upwards and behind you. Lower back slowly and repeat.
3) burpie | From a standing position, bend at hips to place hands on floor as you jump or step feet back into a high plank. Jump or step feet to return to standing and jump! Repeat.
4) side lunge | Step one foot out to perform a side lunge with one knee bent and one knee straight. Then, bring it back to meet the standing leg. Repeat on one side for 30 seconds and switch to complete final 30 seconds on other leg.
5) push-ups | From a high plank position (hands on floor with wrists, elbows, and shoulders stacked and legs extended behind you) start with toes on the floor and drop to your knees whenever needed. Lower body as one unit by bending at elbows and engaging through your core. Imagine one straight line from shoulders to your ankles (or knees for modified version). Press through hands to raise body back to starting position. Repeat.
6) mountain climbers | From a high plank position (hands on floor with wrists, elbows, and shoulders stacked and legs extended behind you) from feet jog or walk alternating feet under your body. Keep hips low by contracting your abs through the entire movement.
7) squat press | From a standing position, squat low pressing your hips behind you and as you stand, press weights up and over your head to a light touch. Return weights to either side of your body. Repeat. 
8) triceps dips | Place palms of hands on bench, stair, or coffee table with fingers facing your body. Bum should be just far enough away that it won't hit when you lower, but stay close or it adds strain to your shoulder. Keeping knees bent with feet on floor (easier) or legs straight out in front (more difficult), bend through elbows to lower hips. Straighten through elbows to raise back up. Repeat.
9) jump squats | From a standing position, have feet hip width apart and press through heels to jump and land with feet wider than hip width (think sumo/plie squat) and bring arms over head simultaneously. To return, jump to bring feet back to hip width and arms to your sides. Repeat.
10) full sit ups | Start on ground, knees bent to 90° and feet on floor. Curl spine up to a straight back and return to ground slowly and with control. Repeat.

1) plank | From your forearms, ensure that elbows are stacked under your shoulders and feet or knees are extended behind you. Spine should be straight with a line from your shoulders to ankles or knees (if bent knees on floor). Press into elbows to keep upper back lifted and engage core to keep hips from curving towards your mat.
2) bicycles | From a lying position, back is on floor with shoulder blades and bent knees off floor. Hands by the ears, rotate body to bring right elbow to left knee while twisting. Then, left elbow to right knee. Repeat with slow and steady motion.
3) reverse crunches | Start with back on floor, legs up in air and bent to 90°. Keeping neutral spine, hinge at hips to lower heels towards floor (do not lift lower back off mat). Return to starting position. Repeat. 
4) plank jacks | From high plank position (hands, elbows, and shoulders stacked and heels in line with shoulders and glutes), step or hop feet out wider than hips and back in. Keep control through core and stabilize as you move legs in and out. Repeat.
5) side plank hip dips | Lie on your right side with your legs straight. Prop yourself up with your right forearm so your body forms a diagonal line. Rest your left hand on your hip. Brace your abs as you slowly lower your right hip towards the floor and lift back to starting position. It is fine if the movement is only a few inches. Repeat for 30 seconds on this side, then switch to your left side.
6) single leg lowers | Start with back on floor, legs straight up into air. Keep neutral spine, lower one leg as much as possible without lifting low back off floor. Slowly return leg to starting position. Repeat other side.