Attitude is Everything

Attitude is the way we, as individuals, view every aspect of our life. Whether we try to or not, we have an opinion about the events in our surroundings. We will each go through periods in our life that are more difficult than others. When we have to use all of our energy to force a smile, or motivate ourselves to get off our bums. Positive attitude is what will make us all come out on top!

Attitudes are contagious.  Are yours worth catching?  
-Dennis and Wendy Mannering

I have had the opportunity this week to see a different side of health care. During my school program the last year and a half, I have mainly been exposed to acute hospital settings. This semester, out focus is in the community. Most of our community clinical experiences involved new mothers and their babies -- SO excited!! However, yesterday I had the opportunity to be in involved in a Senior's health check clinic at one the manors in the city. What an incredible experience! These are elderly people, in their 80's and 90's who live completely independantly, have exercise group together everyday (one of the ladies leads the class!!), go for walks whenever possible (they walk the halls of the manor when it is too cold or icy!!), and one does not even have to wear glasses at her ripe age of 92!!!

Attitude. Each one of the seniors I met yesterday were smiling, often laughing at themselves, and excited to tell the community health nurse about their daily exercise and good eating habits. This was truly an inspiration to me!!

The next time you are having a rough day, or week, whatever, and do not feel the motivation to exercise or have a good sweat, think of yourself in your 90's -- how do you want to live each day? Making good habits now is the best way to secure these habits for life.

Enjoy your Wednesday!