Find your inner cheerleader!

It is almost February. How are your 2011 resolutions and goals coming? Do you even remember what they are?

When it comes to fitness and health oriented goals, it can be very easy to slip off our desired path and go back to our "old" ways of being. If we want to make our bodies healthier, we must make changes and create a different lifestyle. 

Of course, on a good day, this can seem quite easy. You are full of energy, your workout feels great, and you are craving veggies & fruit. However, when it has been a challenging day at work, or something shook us up for the worse, it is easy to skip your workout and grab the quickest and easiest (and usually the sweetest or saltiest) food from your cupboard (or take-out). 

What I am getting at is that we need to create a lifestyle, where, no matter what happens, we continue to do things that help our body, as they have become a part of our daily routine. 

"One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it." 
 -Sidney Howard

Daily exercise and eating right are not easy tasks. Often, we must give a few things up to achieve our daily goals. Maybe - less TV time, waking up a little earlier, and giving up your late night  sweet-fix? How will you make these changes?

FIND YOU INNER CHEERLEADER! Daily support and words of encouragement will help you stay on track. Naturally, if we have a partner who's goals are similar to ours, we can encourage each other. However, in that case, two is better than one, and then you can have TWO people cheering you on to keep pushing!!

I while you read this, you think of one change you can make today to make your body just a little healthier. Think of a change that you can follow through with everyday (or almost everyday). Next week, think of another change. Step by step you will create a healthier lifestyle and that in itself is a reason to cheer!