April is a time for new beginnings ...

Welcome back!

I cannot believe it has been 6 months since I have posted. Keith and I have been busy with many things. We are still keeping active with 5-6 workouts/week, but I have to admit I have become more dependent on my favorite fitness sites for ideas! We still enjoy trying new healthy recipes. Overall, we continue to strive to be the healthiest we can be!

April always makes me think of spring, whether it appears that way outside or not. A time for new beginnings and summer just around the corner. I am in the process of shifting the direction of my nursing career and heading downtown for a more administrative focussed position. I am giving up shift work and patient care and gearing up for policy reviews and taking my weekends back! We are excited for this new change and enjoying the journey! I hope this will also keep me blogging more regularly :) 

Below is a workout routine I created for us a few weeks ago. We enjoy completing one set after a run or bike, or two sets if this is all we are doing. It is great to do with someone else and can be completed at home or at the gym!

Full Body Pump

30 jumping jacks
30 mountain climbers
15 lunges/leg (with weights if you have them)
15 bent over rows (with weights or bands)
15 chest press (weights or bands)
30 mountain climbers
5 burpies
15 squats (with weights)
15 side lunges/leg (weights)
15 biceps curls (weights or bands)
15 triceps dips
30 jumping jacks
5 burpies
1 minute plank (high from hands or low from forearms)
30 slow bicycles
30 flutter kicks
3 slow supine leg raises