Cardio & Core

A great way to get your week off to a good start is to plan for success! Meal and workout planning is key to making sure you stay on track with whatever the upcoming days may bring!

Here is a great workout to start your day off! ..or to do whenever fits into your daily life.

Cardio & Core

30 jumping jacks

30 mountain climbers
15 crunches (upper core)
15 reverse crunches (lower core)
30 high knees

10 burpies
30 seconds right plank

30 seconds front plank

30 seconds left plank
30 mountain climbers

15 plank jacks (from low plank position)
15 v-sits
30 russian twists
30 alternating jump lunges 

30 butt kicks
15 sit ups
30 bicycles
30 scissors
60 second front plank