Wednesday, July 17 Lunchtime Boot Camp

Another beautiful sunny Wednesday in the river valley and 10 people braved the 'Climb to the Top' workout!
I have to share this... It it too funny not to!

An email sent to me from a participant titled "40 Minutes After Bootcamp":
God grant me the serenity
to accept the sweat I cannot stop;
the courage to change the shirt again;
and wisdom to show up next week.

Climb to the Top

Each exercise is repeated for 30 seconds (brief break in between exercises - 10 seconds max
Stair intervals are 1 minute (as many as you can - challenge yourself

Jumping Jacks
Army Crawl
Stairs | 1 minute
Plank Jacks
Stairs | 1 minute
Forward Lunges
Stairs | 1 minute

2 minute break and repeat one more time

Core Series
Complete 10 full reps of each exercise before moving on to the next | 1-2 sets.

Double leg drop (on back with straight legs, keep low back arch flat on ground as legs lower and return)
Reverse crunches (bend knees, keep low back arch flat, lower feet to ground and return)
Crunches (feet on ground, hands on head, crunch lower ribs to hip bones, lower)
Bicycles (lift feet off ground, rotate to bring opposite elbow to knee, fluid motion)
Scissors (on back, one leg straight hovering above ground, other leg straight in air, switch legs)
V-sits (sit with knees bent and hands beside hips, lean back, lift feet off ground bring knees and chest together, then apart)
Russian twists (seated, feet on ground, lean back, hands together and twist side to side with breath)
Plank x30 second (low plank for 30 seconds, from toes or knees, core tight)