Wednesday, July 24 Lunchtime Boot Camp!

Happy Thursday!
It is a busy and exciting week as Keith and I are looking forward to the marriage of two of our most amazing friends Saturday! If this beautiful sunshine continues, I know the bride's smile will be just a touch bigger :).
Yesterday we had an amazing leg workout for lunchtime boot camp. Twelve people came out!! I couldn't believe it. The dedication and energy this group has is inspirational! Thank you all for being so wonderful and making this fun!


Ship Game
- if you were there, you remember, if you weren't, you can enjoy this game another day!!

Heat up those Legs (30 seconds each)
- jumping jacks
- wide legged squats
- alternating front lunges
- speed skaters
Tabata (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest)
- jump squats
- side lunges
- jump lunges
- glute kick backs
Lower Abs (30 seconds each)
- flutter kicks
- supine double leg drops
- cross body toe touches
- slow bicycles
- plank