Wednesday, July 3 Lunchtime Boot Camp

Hello and happy Thursday! 

The weather this week has been beautiful and warm! Finally feeling like summer time! Our workout this week was a little extra sweaty, but who doesn't appreciate that before heading back to the office?

Cardio Kick

- perform each exercise for 30 seconds

- after 4 exercises, take a 30 second rest

- repeat 3 times

Jumping Jacks

Jump Squats

Mountain Climbers

Butt Kicks


High Knees

Plank Jacks

Speed Skaters




Mountain Climbers

Tuck Jumps

Wall Sit


repeat x3


- double leg drop x10 reps  (on back with straight legs, keep low back arch flat on ground as legs lower and return)
- reverse crunches x10 reps
 (bend knees, keep low back arch flat, lower feet to ground and return)
- crunches x10 reps
 (feet on ground, hands on head, crunch lower ribs to hip bones, lower)
- bicycles x10 reps 
 (lift feet off ground, rotate to bring opposite elbow to knee, fluid motion)
- scissors x10 reps
 (on back, one leg straight hovering above ground, other leg straight in air, switch legs)
- v-sits x10 reps 
(sit with knees bent and hands beside hips, lean back, lift feet off ground bring knees and chest together, then apart)
- russian twists x10 reps 
 (seated, feet on ground, lean back, hands together and twist side to side with breath)
- plank x30 second hold 
 (low plank for 30 seconds, from toes or knees, core tight)