The 12 Moves of Christmas

How is your week going? I hope that you are taking some time to relax and enjoy the calmness among the hustle and take in the beauty of the snow! 

Our second at-home workout of this lovely Christmas break is a little more intense in that you must (and you will!) push through as many repetitions as possible in one minute, with little to no break in between exercises. You will rest once all 12 exercises are complete before you repeat! Make sure that you complete the warm-up and the core! Yes, you recognize the exercises (and fun names!) from the Gingerbread Cookie Arms & Core, but I guarantee it will be a completely different experience than Tabata style!

This is a great full body workout that requires no equipment (prenatal version requires either dumbbells or other weighted object) so you can do this workout anywhere this holiday season! Prenatal modifications are in this colour!

Ready?? Let's do this!! Once again, if you use Seconds Pro and want me to send you this workout to plug directly into your app, just send me an email at and I would be happy to do that for you!

Hot Chocolate Warm-Up | 30 seconds each | 2 sets
  1. Jolly Jacks | Jumping Jacks | Walking Jacks
  2. Chimney Climbers | Mountain Climbers | Walking and/or incline

Santa’s Circuit | 1 minute each | 2 sets
  1. Snow Plows | Push Ups Kneeling or incline push-ups
  2. Tinsel Twists | Bicycle Crunches OR Gingerman Guns | Arnie Press
  3. Jolly Jacks | Jumping Jacks | Walking Jacks 
  4. Nutcracker | Army Crawl | Kneeling Army Crawl
  5. Tree Trimmers | Jump Lunges Alternating Reverse Lunges
  6. Christmas Tree | Side Plank
  7. Chimney Climbers | Mountain Climbers Walking and/or incline
  8. Flying Sleigh | Superman Back Extensions OR Shrinking Elf | Kneeling Up-Downs
  9. Jingle Bell Jumps | Burpies Walking Burpies 
  10. Reindeer Runs | High Knees Walking High Knees 
  11. Christmas Tree Push Ups | Dolphin Push Ups
  12. Cookie Crunches | Full Sit Ups OR Reindeer Kicks | Butt Blasters

Bowl Full of Jelly| 30 seconds each | 2 rounds 
  1. Tinsel Toes | Toe Touches 
  2. Elf Kicks | Small Scissor Kicks 
  3. Snow Angels | Starfish Crunch 
  4. Sleigh Ride | V-Sit Hold

Prenatal Bowl Full of Jelly | 30 seconds each | 2 rounds 
  1. Reindeer Crunches | Cat Cow 
  2. Flying Sleigh | Kneeling Extensions (opposite abduction right arm/left leg) 
  3. Flying Sleigh | Kneeling Extensions (opposite abduction left arm/right leg) 
  4. Reindeer Kicks | Butt Blasters

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From the bottom of my heart, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a health-filled new year! xoxox