Friday, August 2 BONUS Lunchtime Boot Camp!

There were a few extra things going on at the office Wednesday this week, so I decided to offer a second (or bonus!) workout on Friday. A good way to kick off the long weekend!!

This is the perfect workout to do at home, outside, at the campsite, wherever!! As you do not need any equipment and you will be sweating in no time!

This is what we did...

Fit in In - Long Weekend Style!

15 jump sumo squats

15 wide push-ups

15 backwards lunges/side

10 up-down plank/side

15 single-leg bridge/side

15 skater jumps/side

10 leg lifts in side plank/side

10 narrow triceps push-ups

30 second v-sit hold

2 minute rest

Repeat x3!!