Wednesday July 31 Lunchtime Boot Camp!

Last boot camp session for July 2013! Crazy! 

It was another warm and sunny workout in the Edmonton River Valley. We had 10 wonderful participants who all pushed themselves a little harder than last week! I love seeing the dedication and smiles that each of these people bring!!

I put them through one of my previous posted workouts - 

Cardio and Core! ...with extra core at the end!

30 jumping jacks 

30 mtn climbers

15 crunches

15 double leg drops

30 high knees

10 burpies

30 seconds right plank - 30 seconds front plank - 30 seconds left plank

30 mtn climbers

15 plank jacks

15 v-sits

30 russian twists

30 alt jump lunges

30 butt kicks

15 sit ups

30 bicycles

30 scissors

60 second front plank

An Extra Kick of Core!

1 minute plank

20 bicycles

20 reverse crunches

30 mountain climbers

15 hip lifts in side plank/side

20 single leg lowers