Tasty and Healthy Summer Treat

Happy August Long Weekend!

It has been a beautiful weekend filled with wonderful people, exploring nature in and around the city, and delicious food. On hot summer days, most of us with crave a certain delicious treat. Ice cream. It might not be for all of you, but ice cream continues to be one of my most craved indulgences.

Since these cravings have the habit of coming around more often in the summer, we were happy to find inspiration for an alternative treat! Personalize as you see fit!

Yogurt and Fresh Fruit Parfait

Non-fat Greek yogurt - we use plain (you could use flavoured, but contains more sugar)
Fresh fruit - pile it on high! (we like kiwi, fresh berries, cherries, or whatever else is in season)
Maple syrup - a little for extra sweetness
Shredded coconut - for a little extra deliciousness