Tuesday Toning

Good evening!

This week, Keith and I have decided to do two-a-days! We are planning to run before work each day and complete a strength workout in the evening. This morning, we ran 5km and did this workout before supper. 

Fit Your Life motto for the month of August: "do not find the time, make the time".

Thank you to Kim for inspiring me with this quote a few weeks ago!

The Workout

Surfers - 10 reps

start on your belly with hands under shoulders. press up to push-up position as you jump your feet forward staggered (one in front) like on a surf board. stay low. arms out wide. place hands back on ground and hope back to belly. alternate front leg each time.

Biceps Curl to Shoulder Press - 15 reps

using dumbbells. start with weights near your legs. bend elbows to curl dumbbell up to shoulders. rotate so palm is now facing out. press dumbbells up to meet above your head. return dumbbells to starting position by reversing motions.

Lunge Lift and Kick - 10 reps/side

start in a back lunge. bring back leg up to bent knee while balancing on standing leg. kick bent knee back out behind you, keeping it as high as possible. while balancing, bring knee back in front, then return to back lunge. repeat all reps on one leg, then switch sides.

Dive Bomber Push-Ups - 5 reps

start in downward dog. lower head towards hands and "scoop" upper body through arms to upward dog. return to downward dog in reverse motion. this will burn.

One-Legged Bridge Lifts - 10 reps/side

from bridge position on your back, lift one leg straight in the air. keep strong. using grounded leg, push hips upwards and lower gently. repeat on same side through all reps, then switch sides.

Calf Raises in Bridge - 15 reps

keep both feet grounded in bridge position. lift hips as high as possible. lift heels and raise on to tip toes. lower heels. continue until all reps complete.

Dead Bug Abs - 20 reps, alternating sides

laying on back, lift legs and arms straight into the air. lower right leg and left arm away from the body to a hover. do not allow them to drop or touch the ground. bring back slowly and repeat with left leg and right arm. continue alternating until all reps complete.

Plank with Hip Twists - 20 reps, alternating sides

from a low plank position, stay on toes while rotating hips one side to the other. keep hips low. rotate side-to-side until all reps complete.

Repeat x3 sets