Wednesday, August 28 Lunchtime Boot Camp

I cannot believe it is our last boot camp of August! This month has flown by with so many adventures and fun... Keith and I have called it "The August of Edmonton", as we have rekindled our love with this city as we have explored new trails, restaurants, festivals, more restaurants, and attractions. 

Another beautiful sunny workout to end the month! The August Challenge is also drawing to a close. All participants have until August 31 to complete as many of the 30 challenges as possible. They will submit their forms to me Tuesday and I will determine the winner. We will announce next week!

The Perfect 10 Workout

60 seconds each exercise x 2 rounds

1) Reverse Lunges

2) Resistance Band Bent-Over Rows

3) Burpies

4) Side Lunges

5) Push-Ups

6) Mountain Climbers

7) Squat Press (with resistance bands)

8) Triceps Dips

9) Resistance Band Side-Stepping

10) Plank